Jigxocars Toy Prototype 

Jigxocars is the longest project of my professional career - 7 years and counting. It started as a personal challenge. "Can I make a construction toy system to build realistic looking cars?" Unlike the construction toys currently on the market which have an engineered look - tubes, bricks, blocks or odd looking connectors. So, I designed mine with realistic detailed parts. Not just any cars, but the coolest things on wheels you can imagine.

After a few years I expanded the Jigxo line to spaceships, submarines, robots, military and more - all sets are interchangeable. After 350 hand made parts I stopped counting, because of this Jigxocars should be considered as an upscale toy. All parts interlock in a specific sequence




This project is 75% engineering and 25% styling. Yes, there is some order to the madness. Designed to be fun for kids, and realistic enough for the older car enthusiast. All sets come with instructions but treat them as suggestions, you can make it your own.  It is fully functional prototype.

Yes you can play with it, like a real toy, it won’t break into pieces. It looks like plastic, it feels like plastic, yet it is still made of cardboard. Sorry kids, Jigxocars is not currently a real toy.

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